1. LORD, be glorified in this ministry and in all that you have appointed and established.
  2. LORD, redeem family and life for foster and orphaned children and youth through the work of this ministry and your Church.
  3. LORD, comfort, heal, and redeem kids from hard places and undeserved injustice.
  4. LORD, transform and renew life for broken-hearted, discouraged, or hopeless youth.
  5. LORD, lead this ministry and its people in paths of righteousness for your name’s sake and their betterment.
  6. LORD, strengthen staff and their families with your Spirit, and wrap them in the armor of your love to do your will.
  7. LORD, resource COMPACT with competent, experienced, licensed, professional workers of Christian character and servant-leadership necessary to fulfill its mandate and mission.
  8. LORD, pour forth your favor and wisdom upon the programs of Hillcrest, Highlands, CompaCare and Foster Care.
  9. LORD, open doors that no one can shut, and shut doors that no one can open so that this ministry fulfills your call to compassionate action.
  10. LORD, bless and grow advocates, board members, and leaders in this work.
  11. LORD, place your favor upon public and private partnerships to help children and families in need.
  12. LORD, build patient endurance and more competence in COMPACT’s professional practice.
  13. LORD, make COMPACT excellent in its redeeming work.
  14. LORD, teach the ministry and its people to lean on your Word and follow your lead.
  15. LORD, daily create a clean heart and build a right spirit within in the people of COMPACT.
  16. LORD, bless our ministry partners - churches, donors, professionals, and volunteers.
  17. LORD, forgive us of our failings and build a forgiving heart in us for those in need.
  18. LORD, raise up servants in your Church to serve, foster, and adopt youth in need.
  19. LORD, assign guardian angels to protect the children, youth, families, staff, missionaries, and partners of COMPACT.
  20. LORD, lead COMPACT into a greater and healthier season of victory on behalf of vulnerable children and families.
  21. LORD, bless the partnership of private and public sectors in child welfare work as you will.
  22. LORD, help professionals, leaders and judges to discern wisely and decide justly on behalf of children and families in need.
  23. LORD, by your Spirit, empower this appointed agency to assist the child welfare need in our nation proportionate with the size and scope of the Assemblies of God in your Church.
  24. LORD, help us to keep our eyes on the primary mission of redeeming vulnerable children and families within the details of daily responsibilities.
  25. LORD, provide for and order the necessary daily details of COMPACT’s work.
  26. LORD, provide this ministry the financial freedom to secure the present and win the future for your glory.
  27. LORD, show broken families and children that you love them and can make all things new.
  28. LORD, demonstrate your supernatural power and authority to provide life and liberty to children, youth, and families in need.
  29. LORD, raise up the so-called underdogs of this generation as champions for you and the destinies you have designed for them.
  30. LORD, amaze us with your grace to restore healthy family to communities, cities, and a nation.