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Thank you for your heart and willingness to reach and mentor single, pregnant moms!

Titus 2 encourages older women to mentor younger women. The Highlands Connect training lays a foundation for mentoring and helping expecting or single moms!

As a leader, please consider this: you will have 12 precious weeks to foster a relationship of trust that we pray leads to a lifetime of friendship and coaching for those girls/women who need care and support in thier current season of life.

At any time, please feel free to email Ashley at HighlandsConnect@Compact.Family with any questions. She would also love to hear any stories of how you and the Lord brought health and healing to a single mom or mommy-to-be.

Your Journey Begins…

Before Your First Gathering…

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the Leader’s Guide to get a taste of what the girls will encounter. This will help you with questions they may have, and preparation needed prior to each week of meeting.

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Highlands Connect Leader's Guide

Follow along with the download printable PDF or purchase full color spiral version.