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God has a plan and purpose for us. The most important way we can learn to be healthy is to see ourselves through God’s eyes. Here we will learn how to seek out our god-given identity and understand who He says we are.


The first step to being a great parent is being confident in yourself and in your true, God-given identity. As an introduction to learning your REAL name, your REAL identity, please watch the following video:


What a powerful video! I love the part where she reminds us that God knew we would be called “the wrong name” so He took time in His Word to remind us of our REAL name! Before we can start walking by our REAL name, we have to identify and recognize that we have been answering to the WRONG name. I want you to take 5-10 minutes to write down WRONG names that you have answered to. When you’re done, I want you to rip up the piece of paper and ask God to reveal your NEW name; your REAL name(s). When you feel God bring a word, a name, to mind, I want you to write it down. Your assignment this week will utilize this name so make sure it is written in a place you won’t forget about it.


Once you realize WHO you are…once you realize what your name REALLY is, the Enemy will try to tell you that you are not worthy of that new name. He will try to convince you that the name God gave you couldn’t POSSIBLY be your name; that you weren’t good enough to have THAT name.

Watch the sermon in the link below that will help you see just how much you are worth!


The hardest part of your identity journey will be walking CONFIDENTLY in your NEW name. When friends and family try to remind you of your OLD name, hold on to God’s definition of who you are IN HIM.

When you start to feel anxious, remember that God calls you a VICTOR, He calls you INVINCIBLE. When you start to feel unwanted, remember that God calls you LOVED and VALUED. When you feel depressed, remember that God has called you an OVERCOMER.

Step 4: GET BACK UP!

There will be COUNTLESS times that you find yourself responding to and living in your OLD name. You may start to feel defeated as you find yourself weighed down time and time again by who you USED to be. There is an incredible, INCREDIBLE verse in the Bible that says EVERYONE falls; everyone fails. The difference between the RIGHTEOUS (God’s redeemed; God’s children) and the UNRIGHTEOUS is that the righteous GET BACK UP!

Check out this clip:

Wrapping Up

Journal Prompt:

For your assignment this week, I want you to do 2 things:

  1. Spend time learning about the NEW name(s) God gave you
    1. Find scriptures where that word is found
    2. Look up definitions
    3. Google it! (or use other research methods)
  2. Make a list of 3 things you will do THIS WEEK to help you walk CONFIDENTLY in your NEW name
  3. (examples may be refusing to hang out with people who remind you of old habits, removing temptations around your house or in your life, cutting out music/movies that remind you of who you USED to be, intentionally connecting with new people who will encourage you in your NEW identity)

Highlands Connect Workbook

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