Highlands Connect Training

Welcome to Highlands Connect, a course series that is focused on equipping and empowering single moms with a whole-person approach. Throughout this course, you will be given tools to bring healing and support to your body, your mind, and your spirit. This course will also provide you with practical parenting skills to raise healthy, happy children.

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Course Description:

Unexpected pregnancies stir a great many emotions. Single parenting is challenging.

We understand and want to help you walk through this time in your life. Thus the reason we’ve provided this for you. Over the next couple of weeks, you will learn to walk in your God-given identity, set healthy boundaries for you and for your child, create a Life Plan, and gain helpful information when it comes to keeping your children healthy and safe.

We’ve provided this FREE to you, consisting of 12 life-giving lessons. We look forward to walking with you.

You are not alone!

At the end of this 12-week course, we pray that you feel equipped with knowledge for helping your children thrive and empowered to take on this incredibly brave journey as a single parent


This course is designed to be completed entirely online. However, it does lend itself to being presented in a group format. This course utilizes Power Point presentations, PDFs, video links, web articles, and a printable workbook.

Course Materials:

For this course, you will need a computer or tablet, access to the internet, a printer (for printing the workbook), a Bible, and a pen/pencil.

Time to complete:

Plan for 45 minutes to get the most of each lesson.

Highlands Connect Workbook

The Highlands Connect workbook is a beautiful, fun, and interactive place to take notes and make journal entries each week. The Highlands Connect workbook keeps you organized as you complete this course and makes creating your Life Plan (in weeks 8 & 9) simple.

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Highlands Connect Workbook

You can also follow along with the download printable PDF.

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Helping Ourselves

This unit stresses the importance of learning to walk in your God-given identity and blossom into the amazing woman of God you have been called to be.

Learn the importance of walking with God and how he created you to blossom into the amazing woman you don’t yet know exists.


Insulating Kids from Trauma

In today’s world, insulating kids from trauma is key to building resilience. Although we can’t isolate kids from trauma, we can equip them to navigate life’s adversities with as little lasting damage as possible.

Insulating kids from trauma is key to building resilience. Learn how to equip your children to navigate through life’s difficult moments.



Knowing where you’re going keeps you from wandering aimlessly. This unit will walk you through creating a life plan to guide you in reaching your life goals.

Knowing where you’re going keeps you from wandering aimlessly. Learn how to create a life plan to help you reach your goals.


Healthy Living

Learning to set boundaries can be hard. But this unit will walk you through the importance of setting healthy, godly boundaries and how to create boundaries that will protect both you and your child(ten).

Learning to set boundaries can be a challenge. Learn the importance of setting healthy boundaries to protect both you and your children.